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Nordic Innovation Health Forum

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Let's talk about the future of Nordic Healthcare service

Nordic Innovation is creating an event focused on two main topics; Sustainable Hospitals and Health Application Platforms.

Each topic will be presented and afterwards the participants will go into discussion session for each of the two topics via Mentimeter. The objective of the forum is to inspire and gather more involvement from Icelandic companies in the two initiatives highlighted in the presentations.

  • 09:00 Daniel Eriksson is going to tell us all about sustainable hospitals and health systems. Why is it important to think about sustainability when building a hospital?


  • 09:30 Anders Tunold-Hanssen is going to walk us through the pros and cons of a health application platform that is being built in the Nordics. Regulating an unregulated marketplace; - Unlocking the power of digital health in the Nordics! Nordic Digital Health & Medication Platform.
  • 10:00 Interactive conversation where we will answer some of the key questions above via Mentimeter.